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Flu prevention and COVID-19

Vaccinations can help protect your employees and your business

Vaccines are a safe and effective way of protecting people against diseases and illnesses and saving lives. Rather than treating a disease after you get it, vaccines can prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

By encouraging your employees to get the flu vaccine and updated COVID-19 vaccine, you’re helping to keep your workforce healthy and your business strong. You’re also helping to reduce healthcare costs for you and your employees.

Vaccine resources for your employees

Getting the flu shot

Kaiser Permanente members can get a no-cost flu shot in a variety of ways, including:

  • Walk-in flu vaccine clinics at certain Kaiser Permanente locations
  • During a doctor’s visit or when they come in for other care
  • Worksite flu clinics
Encourage your team to visit kp.org/flu today to learn more.

Is it the flu or COVID-19?

The common cold, the flu, RSV, and COVID-19 are viral respiratory infections that spread easily during certain seasons. These illnesses have many similar symptoms.

Share this information with your employees to help them recognize symptoms of a common cold, the flu, RSV, and COVID-19.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Employees may be able to get both the flu shot and updated COVID-19 vaccines at the same time — and it’s safe to do so.

Employees should visit kp.org/covidvaccine to find a vaccine location near them, get the latest updates, and more.

Share vaccine information on kp.org/covidvaccine

Additional resources

For employees looking for COVID-19 testing information, please have them visit kp.org/covidtesting to learn about the different types of tests, including home antigen self-tests.

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