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Mental Health Awareness Training

Get mental health training provided and produced by Kaiser Permanente

Mental health is part of total health, and supporting emotional well-being is more important now than ever. When you provide mental health resources to your team, you support those in need — and you make your business more resilient. 57% of employees say they would be more loyal and productive if their employers proactively supported workforce mental health.1 When you learn how to encourage conversations about mental health, you can:

  • Spread awareness of available resources
  • Foster a more inclusive and supportive environment
  • Reduce stigma, foster support, and build resilience


This training will help you:

  • Understand the impact of mental health and wellness in the workplace
  • Recognize common mental health challenges
  • Support and engage in practices that support emotional well-being
  • Help employees talk more openly about mental health

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Add this training to your employee engagement program. Download a copy today.