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Stress Management

Support your team when it matters most

During a public health crisis, your employees face greater stress and anxiety on a daily basis. That puts them at higher risk for stress-related physical and mental health problems — and raises the potential for burnout at work. You can help them better manage their stress by putting the right tools at their fingertips. We can help.

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7 in 10 employees say
COVID-19 has made this the most stressful time of their career.

— Headspace Care, 2020*

Help your employees discover healthy ways to manage stress

With the Finding Balance Stress Management Toolkit, you get resources to help you assess your organization’s needs, plan a strategy, engage your employees, and measure your program’s success. The full interactive toolkit is available for download below.

Due to the pandemic, some of the tips and tools provided in this kit may not align with CDC-recommended safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. For additional information, please visit cdc.gov.

Get started with the Finding Balance Stress Management Toolkit

*“New Data from Headspace Care Shows Nearly 70 Percent of Workers Feel More Stressed During COVID-19 Than at Any Other Point in Their Entire Professional Career,” Headspace Care press release, April 9, 2020.