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2024 enrollment support and resources

Helping your employees choose the right health plan is an essential part of supporting their overall health. This is more important than ever now, with so many people working from home — or working in new or different ways. We’re here to help you
guide your employees through the 2024 enrollment process — from choosing a plan to learning how to access care and get the most out of their coverage.

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Download the 2024 enrollment toolkit

Streamlined enrollment support

Help employees make informed decisions about their plan choices and get the care and coverage they need for a healthy 2024.

screenshot of the open enrollment brochure

2024 open enrollment brochure

Give your employees an overview of how care and coverage work together at Kaiser Permanente, and all the things employees get when they choose a health plan with us.

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Enrollment specialists to answer employees’ questions

Employees can call 1-800-324-9208, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time to speak with an enrollment specialist.

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A better new member experience

Show employees how easy it is to get off to a healthy start.
At kp.org/newmember. external page, they can quickly:

  • Register on kp.org to start managing their health online, anytime
  • Choose a doctor by browsing profiles based on location, specialty, and more
  • Transition prescriptions to our pharmacies or get them delivered by mail
  • Learn about our convenient care options and how to access them

Convenient, hassle-free care options

Your employees want to choose when, where, and how they get care. With Kaiser Permanente, they can.

Telehealth offers employees the same great care they’d get in person

  • Delivered by Kaiser Permanente care teams
  • Connected to your employees’ electronic health record
  • Covered by your Kaiser Permanente health plan
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Front of care away from home flyer

Peace of mind with access to care anywhere

If employees need care away from home, it’s easier than ever to get it. Members are covered for urgent and emergency care anywhere in the world, and we’ll help them find care wherever they are.

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Get to know Kaiser Permanente

Share these links with employees to give them a quick overview of what it’s like to be a Kaiser Permanente member

Watch or share these videos about what members have to say

  • Connected care teams

    Grace’s journey to motherhood

  • Easy and convenient care

    Debbie’s seamless care experience

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