Coronavirus support for you and your employees

COVID-19 continues to bring challenges and uncertainty to daily life. We’re here to help you and your employees get through it. Together, we can help keep your workforce — and communities — healthy and strong.

Planning for the Next Normal in the Workplace

To support your employees — and prepare for changes to your businesses’ working environment and infrastructure — use our Planning for the Next Normal playbook as your guide. This no-cost resource helps you:

  • Update workplace safety plans, HR policies, and more
  • Develop a return-to-work policy and handle COVID-19 workplace scenarios
  • Build a resilient workforce with self-care tools and clinical resources
  • Support the social and economic needs of your employees
  • Stay connected to regulatory and legislative guildance
  • Encourage employees to get a flu vaccine, which is more important than ever

Flu prevention and COVID-19
Get more resources to help keep your workforce healthy and your business strong: Flu prevention and COVID-19 support >

Leaves of absence related to COVID-19
Find information to help you understand how to help your employees get documentation for different COVID-19 related medical scenarios, including leave of absence and return to work. Download the PDF >

Helping employees keep their coverage

We understand that the size of your staff and your ability to continue offering benefits could change. If that happens, our continuation of coverage tool. external link can help them get personalized recommendations for non-employer-sponsored coverage based on their income, employment status, and coverage needs.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 webinar series

Easing stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus

Kaiser Permanente members can access a range of tools to support mental health and wellness, including popular wellness apps, Calm and myStrength. external link.1 Calm offers guided meditations, sleep stories, mindful movement videos, and more to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. myStrength offers personalized programs for mental health and emotional wellness, including modules to help employees cope with anxiety about COVID-19. Both apps are available at no cost to our adult members.

See our Wellness Resources. external link for more self-care tools, tips, and activities — including many that your employees can access even if they’re not members.

We also have articles. external link to help your employees:

And for employers, we offer:

Accessing care safely

Protecting the health of your employees is always our top priority. We’re using our convenient telehealth services to help ensure your employees get the care they need — even when they’re sheltering in place. Kaiser Permanente members have access to:

  • Phone and video appointments2
  • E-visits — now available in all Kaiser Permanente service areas
  • 24/7 care advice by phone from licensed care team members
  • Online prescription refills delivered by mail at no cost3
  • Email the doctor’s office with nonurgent questions

At Kaiser Permanente, telehealth care isn’t an extra or an add-on. It’s a core piece of our connected care model. Your employees can get the same great care they’d get in person — care that’s provided by Kaiser Permanente doctors, connected to their electronic health record, and covered by your company’s health plan.

When your employees do need in-person care, we’re keeping them safe at our facilities. We’re also breaking down cost barriers by waiving all costs for COVID-19 testing, diagnosis, and treatment through the rest of 2020.

Working well from home

If your employees are working remotely, you can help keep them engaged and productive. Download this work-from-home wellness flyer. Or share our “6 quick tips for working from home” video below. Both offer advice for well-being when home doubles as the office.

You can also support your employees’ at-home wellness by:

  • Celebrating successes through positive feedback
  • Increasing communication with regular check-ins
  • Setting job expectations early and clearly
  • Creating virtual community through group chats and video meetings
  • Being available — make sure your employees know they can reach you

For more tools and tips to help you and your employees during these challenging times, visit the COVID-19 resource center.

For more information

  • Calm is not currently available to Kaiser Permanente Washington members. myStrength® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Livongo Health, Inc.

  • When appropriate and available.

  • Some prescriptions are not available for refill by mail.