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The only way to understand what makes care at Kaiser Permanente so great is to get inside the member experience. Here’s a glimpse into what it really looks like — and why it’s really better.

Experience hassle-free health care

Kaiser Permanente doctors, specialists, hospitals, and health plans are part of one connected team. The same team as our pharmacists and lab technicians. That means your eye doctor can remind you if you’re overdue for a cancer screening. And the app you use to schedule appointments is the same one you use to pay your bills. Everyone is connected — and that makes it unbelievably easy to get the care you need to stay healthy.

Less hassle. More health. Staying healthy should be simple. With the right tools, technology, and support, it is. This graphic shows Carla, who is having foot pain. She uses the Kaiser Permanente app to schedule an appointment. During her appointment, the doctor looks at Carla’s electronic health record and sees a family history of diabetes. He orders lab tests, which she gets done on her way out. Her doctor confirms diabetes. Carla is automatically enrolled in the Complete Care for Diabetes program. Carla notices a spike in her blood sugar. She emails her doctor to let him know. The doctor prescribes medication. Carla gets a text message from the pharmacy when it’s ready to pick up. An automatic reminder lets Carla know she’s due for a check-up. She makes an appointment on Carla visits her doctor. Her blood glucose is under control and she’s doing great.

Experience easier health care that works harder for you

Every care encounter is captured in your electronic health record.* So your doctor can see your health history and use it to inform your care. If they need to consult with a specialist, they can do it through an app that enables real time connection between our care teams. And if you need to see a specialist in person, they’ll know your health history before they even meet you. It’s how we deliver the right care faster — and help members avoid unnecessary visits, serious health conditions, and sleepless nights.

Early detection through coordinated care: We’re uniquely designed to find problems sooner and start treatment faster. This graphic shows Jane, who goes in for a routine check-up. Her nurse gets an automatic alert that Jane is overdue for a mammogram. The nurse offers to schedule Jane’s mammogram and looks up available appointment times. Jane has her check-up and mammogram in the same building on the same day. A few days later, Jane is diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. She begins treatment right away. With the help of her care team, Jane makes a full recovery.

The best way to fully understand what makes Kaiser Permanente so unique is to experience it yourself. Learn more about we can do for you and your employees.

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  • *When you get care from Kaiser Permanente providers.