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The value of the right partner

When you contract with independent hospitals, vendors, and physicians, you can get a package of services and quality care. But without the tools and infrastructure to work together, these networks may not be able to provide the clinical support your employees need — or a cohesive strategy that works with you.

Whether we operate our own hospitals or contract with local medical facilities, our entire organization comes together for one purpose — to keep your workforce healthy. When employees participate in our workforce health programs, they get added support from their Kaiser Permanente physicians who can map out personalized action plans.

  • Our care teams help members stay up-to-date on screenings for conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes to identify health problems early — or prevent them altogether.
  • Since 2009, we’ve made exercise a vital sign at routine office visits. Our doctors ask about exercise habits and encourage ongoing conversations about the importance of physical activity.

Taking culturally responsive care to the next level in California

Our culturally responsive care targets the specific health needs of employees efficiently, effectively, and consistently. It’s an approach that helps lower health care costs, improve employee health, and strengthen your organization by closing care gaps and reducing health disparities associated with cultural and language differences.

  • We’ve improved colorectal cancer screenings of Latino members by 41% and high blood pressure control rates among our African-American members by 49%.
  • Our Institute for Culturally Competent Care provides caregivers with consultation on cultural competence issues, training and education.

Our bilingual physicians and staff, 24-hour telephone interpretation services, translated materials, and culturally specific care centers help open and improve communication.


Highly preventable chronic diseases account for 75% of health care costs.

– Thorpe and Lever, “Prevention: The Answer to Curbing Chronically High Health Care Costs (Guest Opinion),” Kaiser Health News, May 24, 2011.

Closing care gaps with Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job® occupational health

Coordinating occupational health and safety with your workforce health efforts will help create a comprehensive safety net to protect your business. And with Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job, your employees may receive specialized medical care and prevention for workplace injuries to close care gaps even further.

We’re one of the only health providers that can combine all of these elements — workforce health, high-quality clinical care, and occupational health — into a single, integrated solution.

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