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Excellent care that keeps employees and businesses healthy

When your employees are healthy, your business can thrive. Catching or avoiding problems before they become serious is one of the ways we maximize the health of your workforce and minimize health care costs. And when your employees need specialized care, we bring highly qualified care teams together to return them to health.

Physician-led, patient-centered care — that’s Permanente Medicine

On the road to recovery, a member’s personal doctor leads the way. Kaiser Permanente doctors practice Permanente Medicine — using evidence-based treatment and innovative technology to deliver personalized care. And our integrated model means doctors aren’t burdened by the business of running a practice — so they can focus on what’s best for our members. Our physicians are empowered to make important care decisions, but our members’ voice is always the most important one in the room.

Specialty care

Kaiser Permanente has one of the nation’s largest multispecialty medical groups. Our highly skilled, experienced specialists in oncology, cardiac care, perinatology, and other specialty care disciplines are among the best in the world. Our doctors and specialists deliver coordinated care that’s supported by industry leading research, advanced medical technology, top-notch facilities, and efficient workflows, tools, and systems.

With specialty care at Kaiser Permanente, the member is surrounded by highly skilled specialists, advanced medical technology, top-notch facilities, and industry-leading research.

The advantages of our holistic care

Connected care

Specialty care is connected to everything we do, from preventive screenings and doctor visits to follow-up care and ongoing condition management. Unlike most plans, we offer all these services in one seamless, integrated system. Our coordinated care teams have instant access to a member’s electronic health record, enabling them to think and act as one.

Personalized care

Every Kaiser Permanente member has unique care needs. When a member is diagnosed, their primary care physician works with specialists and the member to create a tailored treatment plan. They coordinate across locations and specialties to deliver seamless, effective care.

Relentless research

We’re passionate about constantly improving health care. When one of our doctors or researchers develops a better way to treat an illness, we share this knowledge across the organization. Kaiser Permanente includes 8 regional research centers. In 2017 alone, we were involved in 2,540 research studies — half of which were clinical trials. This gives our members access to state-of-the-art treatment.

Quality care matters to you, your employees — and to us

High satisfaction ratings

For the 11th year in a row, more people would recommend Kaiser Permanente to a friend, family member, or colleague than any other health plan in the nation, according to the NICE Satmetrix 2021 U.S. Consumer Net Promoter Score® Benchmarks study. Kaiser Permanente received a Net Promoter Score of 48, nearly double the industry average of 27.1

Leading the nation in 34 effectiveness-of-care measures

In 2020, Kaiser Permanente led the nation as the top performer in 34 HEDIS® effectiveness-of-care measures — the most of any health plan. The closest national competitor led in only 17.2 The measures include:

  • prevention and screening
  • comprehensive diabetes care
  • mental health
  • respiratory care

Among the highest-rated health plans in the nation

Of the 438 commercial health plans rated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, only 5 received a 5 out of 5 rating — and 1 of them belongs to Kaiser Permanente. And for the second year in a row we’re the highest-rated plan — or are tied for the highest — in every region we serve.3

Our care approach in action

Kaiser Permanente’s chronic condition prevention, detection, and management can help protect your business and improve your employees’ health.

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Learn how telehealth with Kaiser Permanente can empower your employees to choose where, when, and how they get care.

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