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Mental health and addiction medicine at Kaiser Permanente

Untreated mental health conditions cost American companies billions every year.1 But with access to high-quality care and support, employees can — and do — get better. Kaiser Permanente’s connected system enables a holistic approach to mental health and addiction care that makes treatment more accessible and comprehensive. It’s designed to meet your employees where they are — and always makes mental health part of the conversation.

Discover a better approach to mental health and addiction care

  • Coordinated and connected teams deliver complete care and support

  • Advanced technology makes care more accessible and effective

  • Employees get evidence-based care designed to help them meet their goals

Complete mental health and addiction care in one holistic ecosystem

We offer a broad range of mental health and addiction care. Mental health is integrated in all aspects of care, including routine screenings in primary care and many other specialties. So, no matter what level of care your employees need, we can connect them to the right support.

Infographic showing a list of K P  mental health services in an arch above images of a pregnant woman, a child, an older couple, a man with a walker and a dog and pregnant woman. Below this is a set of four arrows with the four levels of care these services are integrated into.
Mental health services on infographic:

healthy lifestyle programs

wellness coaching

wellness apps

digital self-help tools

educational classes

recovery and social support

preventive care

outpatient services

intensive outpatient services

inpatient services

Four levels of patient care on infographic:

Wellness resources

Primary care

Specialty care

Emergency care

Multidisciplinary teams collaborate to deliver better care

Our mental health and addiction medicine clinicians are all part of one coordinated team, connected through our electronic health record. That means care can be delivered seamlessly across locations and specialties — and support is always within reach.

  • Addiction medicine specialists
  • Behavioral medicine specialists
  • Case managers
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists
  • Primary and specialty care doctors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists

Personalized, responsive, goal-oriented care

Mental health and addiction care is tailored to your employees’ individual needs and goals. We use patient feedback to accurately assess treatment effectiveness at each visit — and digital tools to measure results and help prove that progress is being made.

Flow diagram showing the process of obtaining feedback from patients to fine tune care over time
List on infographic:

Patient questionnaires
evaluate symptoms at every visit


Care teams interpret
and apply feedback to adjust and optimize treatment


Patients and care teams
can see progress and
measure results over time

Robust technology optimizes feedback-informed care by:

  • Tracking progress in an easy-to-use clinician dashboard
  • Automating the identification of member needs
  • Supporting clinical decision-making across the continuum of care
  • Generating real-time clinician alerts so treatment can be adjusted faster
  • Accelerating access to the most appropriate care

Innovative solutions for better mental health care

Our care teams are highly skilled and deeply experienced. They’re also supported by tools and technologies designed to help them deliver even better care.

Digital platforms designed to optimize feedback-informed care are integrated with our electronic health record.

Telehealth care options that expand access, improve convenience, and offer more flexible ways to get care.

Self-care apps. external link that put mental health support at your employees’ fingertips, supplementing clinical excellence.


4 steps to better employee mental health & wellness

Discover strategies to better support your employees’ mental health and how that benefits your business.

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Laptop showing two people in masks having a serious conversation with adjacent text which reads Prioritizing mental well-being in the workplace

See how we help communities stay mentally and emotionally strong

Expanding awareness and sharing resources

Find Your Words offers tips for reducing stress, talking about mental health with others, and links to support and resources. It’s available to both members and nonmembers.

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Helping students and teachers thrive

Resilience in School Environments (RISE) helps create more supportive learning environments by strengthening the social and emotional health of both staff and students.

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Supporting first responders

Learn how employers can help first responders build resilience — and protect the mental health of teams working on the front lines.

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  • 1Garen Staglin, “Understanding the Evidence: Transforming How Employers Make the Case for Mental Health,” Forbes, April 4, 2019; “Mental Health: A Workforce Crisis,” American Heart Association CEO Roundtable, 2019.