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Thrive at work

Why workforce health matters

As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, we’re here for you and your employees.

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You have an opportunity to improve the health of your employees every day. Making small changes to your workplace and company policies is a great way to start, and it’s where you can make the biggest impact. On these pages, you’ll find the tools and support to build a culture of health at work — and see how the right partner can help guide you along the way.

Additional annual costs per employee linked to:

Graph showing the financial cost of smoking, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressues range from $1,077 to $5,800.

The high cost of poor health — more than just premiums

Poor lifestyle choices increase the risk of chronic conditions, which have a negative effect on your employees’ lives and can raise your premiums. They also make it harder to be productive, lead to more sick days, and increase workers’ compensation costs. The good news is that many lifestyle risks can be affected by behavior change — which you’re uniquely positioned to influence.

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At companies with highly effective wellness programs, employees are less likely to be obese and smoke — and they miss less work.

— Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health, 2014.

Create a successful strategy in four simple steps

Following this four-step model helps you lay a strong foundation for developing your plan, organizing your program activities, and making it easy and fun for your employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.



Use data to learn where your organization stands on workforce wellness.



Set goals, schedule activities, and develop a communications strategy.



Launch and promote the program to your workforce.



Evaluate your program’s success and set future goals.

Kaiser Permanente is able to meet us where we and our
employees are in the wellness journey. We appreciate that
Kaiser Permanente is willing to go beyond the usual wellness options.

— Pamela G., San Mateo County

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Choosing the right partner

As you think about the best way to get your wellness program off the ground, consider the importance of working with the right organization. Improved workforce health doesn’t happen by itself. It takes an experienced, strategic partner like Kaiser Permanente to make better workforce health a reality.

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Infographic showing the interrlated services that Kaiser Permanente offers: Wellness Programs, High-quality health care and Occupational health care.

A savvy, experienced partner can make a big difference in building an effective corporate wellness strategy.

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