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Culture of Health

Make healthy living part of every workday

Any business, no matter how small, can create a workplace culture that encourages healthy lifestyles. It involves offering programs that support healthier behaviors, educating employees about health issues, and making health-related objectives part of your corporate policy.


Employees spend an average of 47 hours per week at work

which means your work environment is ground zero for encouraging healthy lifestyles.
— Saad,, August 29, 2014.

Start building your strategy

You can take small steps to improve your workplace, but you’ll get better results with a comprehensive strategy that includes building a culture of health and getting your leadership team engaged. With the right approach, you can support employee behaviors that reduce your overall costs, make it easier to get work done, and increase job satisfaction.

Having a proponent at such a senior level sends an important message to employees and emphasizes the organization’s commitment to their well-being.

— Cindy McCoy, NEC Corporation of America

Make health-related goals part of your overall plan

Follow this four-step model to lay a foundation for getting leadership on board with your plan, organizing your program activities, and making it easy for your employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.

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