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Everybody get moving

We’re all familiar with the health benefits of exercise — such as more energy, lower stress, and a stronger body. Bring these benefits into your workplace to sharpen employees’ minds, build better teamwork, and drive stronger business performance.

People who did not previously make exercise a priority have made exercise a habit. Center Unified School District has employees walking and running in 5K races, training for half marathons, and pushing themselves further than they ever dreamed they could.

– Tami J. Beily, Center Unified School District

Take the first step toward a healthier work life

With the Walking for Workforce Health Toolkit you can help reduce the impact of inactivity on your bottom line. There’s no special equipment involved. And it’s easy on your budget. The full interactive toolkit is available for download below.

Due to the pandemic, some of the tips and tools provided in this kit may not align with CDC-recommended safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. For additional information, please visit

Get started with the Walking for Workforce Health Toolkit