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Healthier employees are the foundation of a strong business. Whether you’re looking to engage employees and leadership or address specific workplace health issues, you’ll find tools here to help.

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Monthly Health Topics

Monthly e-mails and posters keep healthy living top of mind for your employees year-round.

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COVID-19 Vaccine overview flyer (Spanish)

Share this flyer with your employees to provide information about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines in general.

COVID-19 Vaccine safety and effectiveness flyer (Spanish)

Due to the fast arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s been a lot of conflicting information about its safety and effectiveness. Here’s fact-based information from our medical experts and doctors.

COVID-19 Vaccine safety and effectiveness for children 5 to 11 flyer (Spanish)

Choosing to vaccinate your child is an important decision, and it’s OK if you have questions. Here’s fact-based information from our medical experts to help guide you. If you want more information, we encourage you to talk with your child’s doctor.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Know the facts flyer (Spanish)

COVID-19 vaccines play an important part in protecting ourselves, our families, and each other from the coronavirus. Arm yourself and your employees with COVID-19 vaccine details.

COVID-19 – What to expect when you get your vaccine flyer (Spanish)

When it’s your turn to get a COVID-19 vaccine, we want you to be prepared. Use this flyer to share some things that you and your employees can expect. In Spanish.

COVID-19 – how to properly wear and use a mask infographic (Spanish)

A mask worn incorrectly is not safe. Use this infographic to learn how to properly wear and use a mask.

Flu facts flyer (Spanish)

Before flu season begins, help employees protect themselves and their families with this flyer featuring essential flu facts everyone should know.