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Healthier employees are the foundation of a strong business. Whether you’re looking to engage employees and leadership or address specific workplace health issues, you’ll find tools here to help.

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Monthly Health Topics

Monthly e-mails and posters keep healthy living top of mind for your employees year-round.

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Rest and Revive Sleep Management Toolkit

Help your employees get healthier and sleep better with this no-cost, six-week program. The toolkit includes a 4-step model for launching your program, plus promotional materials to keep your employees engaged, focused, and motivated.

Healthy Meetings Guide

Boost productivity and employee energy with this guide to easy, low-cost ideas for integrating healthy habits into your meetings.

Rest and Revive sleep management employee guide

This visual guide walks your employees through the science of sleep and offers simple tips to help them gain better control of their behaviors and habits.

Rest and Revive sleep management employee workbook

This handy workbook includes a sleep log, daytime activity log, action plan, and a section for jotting down additional notes to help your employees track their sleep and daytime habits — and improve them.

Rest and Revive sleep management sleep journal

Make it easier for employees to count their Zs and track their sleep habits with this electronic weekly journal page.

Rest and Revive sleep management promotional flyer

Use this promotional flyer to promote your Rest and Revive sleep management program to your workforce.

Rest and Revive sleep management program promotional email

Get your workforce excited about improved health through better sleep with this promotional email.

Rest and Revive sleep management week 1 email – “Self-assessment and goal-setting”

Help your workforce learn about their sleep patterns and identify areas for improvement, with the first weekly email. Remember to include the Rest and Revive Workbook when you send the week one email.

Rest and Revive sleep management week 2 email – “Building a healthy foundation”

Help your workforce learn how much sleep they need to feel healthy, with the second weekly email. Includes tips and strategies to help reduce sleep debt.

Rest and Revive sleep management week 3 email –“Understanding your sleep habits”

Help your workforce form a simple, personalized action plan for improved sleep, with the third weekly email.