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Monthly Health Topics

Inspire healthy living year-round with these featured topic emails, posters and more. Build your schedule based on the suggested monthly topics or develop a custom calendar for your business.

July: Care While Traveling

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Support your employees in staying healthy on the go by sharing useful tips and resources to support them before, during, and after their trip.

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Month-by-Month Resources

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Support your employees’ engagement in mental and physical fitness by encouraging simple changes to their behavior and activity levels. Share these fitness resources with your employees.


Heart Health

Encourage your employees to eat healthy, exercise, watch their cholesterol, manage stress, and maintain a healthy weight to help prevent heart disease and help them keep heart health top of mind with these helpful tips and resources.



Empower your employees to improve their nutrition with tips and information that can help them manage their weight, prevent health problems, and feel their best.


Stress Management

Breathe it in. Sweat it out. See it coming. Help your employees learn to recognize and get ahead of stress with tips and resources to help them manage it.


Mental Health and Wellness

Spark conversations about mental health in your workplace — it’s just as important as physical health. Support your employees in their mental health and wellness journey by sharing these resources.


Brain Health

Help your employees be good to their brain! Share simple steps they can take to improve their brain health now and into the future.


Care While Traveling

Support your employees in staying healthy on the go by sharing useful tips and resources to support them before, during, and after their trip.



Immunizations are a safe and effective way for your employees to protect themselves and the people around them against certain diseases. Share the benefits of getting immunized with these resources.


Financial Health

Financial health is important for your employees’ overall total health. Share these resources to help set up your employees on a path to financial wellness.


Women's Health

From preventive care and disease management to pregnancy and childbirth, share these resources to help keep women’s health top of mind.


Social Health

Share these resources to help your employees connect to community resources in support of their total health.


Mind/Body Wellness

Encourage your employees to take care of their minds as well as bodies to help reduce stress and maintain mental health.

More ideas, for any month

Cancer Prevention

Empower your employees to learn about cancer risk, prevention, screening, and care with these helpful resources and tools.

Diabetes Management

Help your employees understand their diabetes risk and how they can prevent and manage diabetes.

Depression Screening

Depression screening can help anyone — including your employees. Share these resources to help your employees fight back against depression.