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PPO, Point-of-Service, and Out-of-Area Plans

Provider choice + care anywhere = peace of mind

With these plans, your employees get easy access to quality care from any licensed provider in the country. They’re the perfect complement to our regional plans. And all of them give your employees what they need to be healthier and more productive every day — tools for prevention, health education, and care for ongoing conditions.

Learn more about Washington plans available outside the Vancouver/Longview area.

Get the comprehensive coverage you want

PPO Plans

With our PPO plans, your employees who live or work outside of Kaiser Permanente’s service areas or wish to maintain care with an outside doctor get referral-free access to contracted PHCS Network physicians or any licensed out-of-network provider.

  • Your employees can access PHCS Network physicians or any provider at the point of service.
  • Your employees can control out-of-pocket costs by using PHCS Network providers or incur higher costs out of network.
  • You save time with single-carrier administration.

Point-of-service Plans

Our point-of-service (POS) plans combine a traditional Kaiser Permanente HMO plan with our PPO plan to offer the most comprehensive options within our service areas. Three levels of coverage let members choose from Kaiser Permanente providers and facilities, contracted PHCS Network physicians, or any other licensed out-of-network provider.

  • It’s a “best of both worlds” solution for you and your employees.
  • Your employees have access to Kaiser Permanente providers while maintaining access to any provider of their choice.
  • Your employees can choose to save money with Kaiser Permanente providers or pay a higher cost share out of network.

Out-of-area Plans

Our out-of-area plan is ideal if you have employees living and working outside a Kaiser Permanente service area.

  • Your employees can access PHCS Network physicians or any provider of their choice without a referral.
  • Many preventive services are covered at no additional charge, and other care is usually subject to a deductible and some member cost share.
  • You maintain one health care provider for all your employee benefits administration.

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