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Supporting mental health and wellness

Untreated mental health conditions cost American companies billions every year. But with access to high-quality care and support, employees can — and do — get better. Kaiser Permanente’s connected system enables holistic mental health and addiction care that sees and supports the whole person. Our approach is designed to meet members where they are, deliver accessible and comprehensive care, and help your employees stay healthy, productive, and engaged.

Workforce mental health is a top employer concern

When employee mental health suffers, everyone pays the price. Annual health care costs for employees experiencing mental distress are nearly $3,000 higher than their peers — and the added cost of lost workdays alone averages $4,783 per employee, per year.1 In addition, employees caring for spouses or children experiencing mental health issues are more likely to miss work and have trouble staying productive and engaged. The good news is that employers see a return of $4 for every dollar invested in mental health treatment.2

Discover a better approach to mental health and addiction care

We offer a full spectrum of mental health and addiction care resources for adults, teenagers, and children. And by integrating mental health screenings throughout multiple care settings and touchpoints, problems get caught earlier — and we can direct your employees to the right care and support sooner.

Robust mental health support in one holistic ecosystem

Infographic showing a list of K P mental health services in an arch above images of a pregnant woman, a child, an older couple, a man with a walker and a dog and pregnant woman. Below this is a set of four arrows with the four levels of care these services are integrated into.

Mental health services on infographic:

healthy lifestyle programs

wellness coaching

wellness apps

digital self-help tools

educational classes

recovery and social support

preventive care

outpatient services

intensive outpatient services

inpatient services

Four levels of patient care on infographic:

Wellness resources

Primary care

Specialty care

Emergency care

Employees have access to mental health and addiction care from:
  • Addiction medicine specialists
  • Behavioral medicine specialists
  • Case managers
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists
  • Primary and specialty care physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists

Mental health support is embedded into the overall care experience

Our connected system enables real-time collaboration between primary and specialty care teams and mental health and addiction care specialists. We offer a full spectrum of support, and members don’t need a referral to access mental health or addiction medicine services from a Kaiser Permanente practitioner.

No-cost wellness apps offer self-care on demand. Everyone struggles with sleep, stress, and other common challenges from time to time. These apps put support within reach — anytime, anywhere:3,4

Calm The number one app for meditation and sleep. Members can choose from hundreds of activities to build mental resilience, reduce stress, and experience better rest.

myStrength Evidence-based programs to help members set goals, track progress, and get support for managing depression, anxiety, and more.

Headspace Care (formerly called Ginger) One-on-one text-based emotional support coaching and self-care activities for many common challenges like anxiety, stress, and relationship issues.5

Primary care physicians are trained to screen for and support mental health and addiction care needs. This helps us recognize members who might not seek mental health care on their own so we can provide early intervention.

Specialty care teams screen for depression early and often. For example, members who have a serious diagnosis like cancer, or who are pregnant or postpartum, are screened for depression during routine appointments to help identify symptoms before they become serious.

Mental health care may include individual or group therapy, psychiatry, youth mental health services, and more. We also offer higher levels of care, including:

  • Addiction medicine recovery services
  • Crisis evaluation and management
  • Emergency mental health services
  • Intensive case management
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Psychiatric hospitalization
  • Residential/hospital alternative treatment programs
  • Withdrawal management services

Find the right plan for your team

Your employees get personalized, responsive, goal-oriented care

Mental health and addiction care works best when it’s tailored to people’s individual needs and goals. That’s why we capture real-time patient feedback to assess treatment effectiveness at each visit — and use digital tools that help measure results and prove that your employees are making meaningful progress over time.

Our model of feedback-informed care

Flow diagram showing the process of obtaining feedback from patients to fine tune care over time

List on infographic:

Patient questionnaires
evaluate symptoms at every visit


Care teams interpret
and apply feedback to adjust and optimize treatment


Patients and care teams
can see progress and
measure results over time

Robust technology optimizes feedback-informed care by:
  • Tracking progress in an easy-to-use clinician dashboard
  • Automating the identification of member needs
  • Supporting clinical decision-making across the continuum of care
  • Generating real-time clinician alerts so treatment can be adjusted faster
  • Accelerating access to the most appropriate care

Recognize and address the early signs of employee burnout

Discover what can cause burnout and how to create a culture better equipped to manage stressors.

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Mental health care matters more than ever. Is your health care partner primed to help you meet the moment?

Workforce mental health resources from Kaiser Permanente

Mental health awareness training

Engage in leadership training designed to help you increase awareness, reduce stigma, and foster a culture of support.

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Mental health and wellness workplace insights

Learn how investing in mental health and wellness can help you create a psychologically healthy workforce.

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4 steps to better employee mental health & wellness

Get the guide to prioritizing mental well-being in the workplace, to benefit both your employees and your business.

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Leading the conversation on stigma reduction

Findyourwords.org. external page offers tips for reducing stress, talking about mental health with others, and links to support and resources. It’s available to both members and nonmembers.

Resilience in School Environments. external page (RISE) helps create more supportive learning environments by strengthening the social and emotional health of both staff and students.

Presence of Mind. external page reaches teens and young adults through gaming and esports platforms to help them recognize and address mental health issues.

Find the right plan with mental health
and addiction care for your team

  • “New Mental Health Cost Calculator Shows Why Investing in Mental Health is Good for Business,” National Safety Council, May 13, 2021.

  • See note 1.

  • The apps and services described above are not covered under your health plan benefits, are not a Medicare-covered benefit, and are not subject to the terms set forth in your Evidence of Coverage or other plan documents. The apps and services may be discontinued at any time.

  • Calm and myStrength can be used by members 13 and over. The Headspace Care app and services are not available to any members under 18 years old.

  • Eligible Kaiser Permanente members can text with a coach using the Headspace Care app for 90 days per year. After the 90 days, members can continue to access the other services available on the Headspace Care app for the remainder of the year at no cost.