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A Better Way to manage your health care costs

Your budget is important to your business. And as health care costs continue to rise, maintaining a competitive benefits package while keeping costs in check is becoming more challenging than ever.

Kaiser Permanente team-based care model. Diagram shows Kaiser Permanente member in the center of a wheel, with spokes pointing outwards to Primary Care Doctor, Lab Technician, Specialty Care Doctor, Pharmacist and Nurse.

A fresh look at health care

At the core, what do you think a health care partner should deliver? With our coordinated, team-based model, we’re able to provide the right care at the right time, which helps reduce unnecessary treatments and improves patient engagement.1 This leads to lower costs, as well as better population health outcomes. This approach is a key reason why we’re able to bring high-quality, affordable care to our more than 12 million members across the country.

How team-based care gives you more

  • Doctors are able to focus on medicine instead of running a practice, which streamlines care and reduces medical errors and waste.
  • Doctors order only the tests your employees need, reducing duplication and overall costs.
  • Caregivers can pull up your employee’s entire medical history — including lab test results. Tests aren’t repeated unless they need to be, reducing duplication and overall costs.

Your employees get timely preventive care with vaccinations and health screenings to help avoid or minimize costly chronic conditions and treatments.

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Managing costs outside of the medical office

While many members still see their doctors in an office setting, more than half of our members choose to access next-generation care that’s convenient and cost-efficient.2 Whether emailing their doctor’s office through their online health record or visiting a retail clinic, members can use sophisticated telehealth options to stay at their best.

Our care approach in action

One department store chain added Kaiser Permanente’s occupational health program and experienced dramatic workers’ compensation cost reductions.

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Workers’ compensation costs are rising at an alarming rate. Macy’s, Inc. was able to control these expenses with an occupational health program from Kaiser Permanente.

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  • “21% of medical care is unnecessary,” Heather Lyu et al., “Overtreatment in the United States,” PLOS One, September 6, 2017,

  • Kaiser Permanente survey data, 2015.