Sleep Management

Get simple solutions for a good night’s sleep

A well-rested employee is more productive, more alert, more creative, and a better team player. By helping employees find simple solutions for a better night’s sleep, you’ll be helping improve morale, reduce stress, and lower health care costs across your organization.


One in three people have had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep in the last week.

— Schoemann, National Sleep Foundation, 2015.

The cost of insomnia is 11.3 missed workday per employee per year or $2,280 in lost productivity per employee per year. Source: Kessler et al., Sleep, September 1, 2011.

Help your employees get on the path to better sleep habits

With the Rest & Revive Toolkit, you get resources to help you assess your company’s needs, plan a strategy, engage your employees, and measure your program’s success. The full interactive toolkit is available for download below.

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