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Tobacco Cessation

Create a tobacco-free workplace

Tobacco isn’t just bad for your employees’ health — it can also affect the health of your business. Creating a tobacco-free campus policy is a proven way to invest in the health of your employees and protect your bottom line. With the right resources, you can help employees kick the tobacco habit and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


One employee who smokes can cost you $2,056 per year in added health care costs.

Aldana, wellsteps.com, January 2, 2020.

Take the first step to a tobacco-free workplace

With our Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit, you get resources to make your work environment tobacco free and improve the health of your employees and your business. The full interactive toolkit is available for download below.

Due to the pandemic, some of the tips and tools provided in this kit may not align with CDC-recommended safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. For additional information, please visit cdc.gov.

Get started with the Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit

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    Some classes may require a fee.

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    Healthy lifestyle programs are available to members in all regions except Washington.