Stress Management

Support your team when it matters most

During a public health crisis, your employees face greater stress and anxiety on a daily basis. That puts them at higher risk for stress-related physical and mental health problems — and raises the potential for burnout at work. You can help them better manage their stress by putting the right tools at their fingertips. We can help.


7 in 10 employees say
COVID-19 has made this the most stressful time of their career.

— Ginger, 2020*

Help your employees discover healthy ways to manage stress

With the Finding Balance Stress Management Toolkit, you get resources to help you assess your organization’s needs, plan a strategy, engage your employees, and measure your program’s success. The full interactive toolkit is available for download below.

*“New Data from Ginger Shows Nearly 70 Percent of Workers Feel More Stressed During COVID-19 Than at Any Other Point in Their Entire Professional Career,” Ginger press release, April 9, 2020.