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A healthy partnership for a better future

Since the 1940s, unions have worked hand in hand with Kaiser Permanente to build a stronger future for your members and their families. Our goal during our long-standing relationship with Taft-Hartley and multiemployer funds has always been to help your members stay healthy, strong, and on the job. With us, you’ll get a better way to invest in the health of your members, manage health care costs, and build a sustainable future.

Get a better way to invest in member healthDoctor, Nurse, Lab Tech, Pharmacist, and Specialist all working together to help members

Improve the health of your members and your fund

In the beginning, our membership consisted almost entirely of shipyard and construction union workers and their families. Now we’re the largest unionized, nonprofit health care organization in the country. Caring for union members and their families is a priority for us — something that’s as true now as it was 70 years ago when we established our integrated care delivery model as a way to protect workers’ health.

Our hospitals, physicians, and health plan all work together to provide high-quality care helping your members get the right care at the right time so they can live healthier every day. Choose us as your partner and we’ll be there every step of the way to help ensure the long-term health of your fund’s members and their families.

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