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Healthy Eating at Work

Empower your employees to eat healthier

By championing a food policy for your organization, you’ll build an environment that encourages wellness in the workplace. Most employees eat at least one meal during work, which puts you in a position to advocate healthy, nutritious options every day.


Your employees’ unhealthy diet can contribute to lower productivity and higher health care expenses.

McCurley et al., American Journal of Preventive Medicine, May 2019.

Create a culture of health with our food policy toolkit

A wellness strategy takes more than just a remodeled menu — it’s about inspiring your employees to discover and stick with healthy choices. With our food policy toolkit, you can take a fresh approach to healthy eating at work and improve your team’s well-being.


Look below for a preview of what you’ll find, or download the full interactive toolkit now.

Due to the pandemic, some of the tips and tools provided in this kit may not align with CDC-recommended safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. For additional information, please visit

Get started with Healthy Eating at Work Food Policy Toolkit